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Gas flow Calibration

All calibrations are performed at TPF Control B.V.’s state-of-the-art calibration laboratory, located in Boven Leeuwen, The Netherlands.
TPF Control’s calibration & metrology laboratory was designed to exacting standards in order to meet all of our customers’ requirements. Every instrument that is calibrated in our metrology laboratory is returned to the customer with a detailed certificate that documents the calibration results in both tabular and graphical in order to meet all necessary standards and requirements.
Calibration, re-sizing and repair for a wide variety of types and brands of flow products is available at TPF Control.  All services are performed by skilled, factory trained, personnel.

Turnaround time

• Fast turnaround time – typically 5 working days after receipt of equipment.

• 24 hours service possible.

Special gasses calibration

Calibration service of TMF Meters and Controllers on Hydro-Carbons Calibration on process gas to avoid deviation At present, Mass flow controller calibration using  N2 and conversion factors is a fairly reliable method of simulating other gasses. In case of Hydro-carbons this does not quite apply. A straightforward comparison between N2 and actual calibrated instruments indicate a deviation in Mass Flow. This deviation is due to  changing physical characterization of the gas (CP value) and cooling down effects of the Thermal sensor.  The solution however for a reliable calibration is at hand.  We offer the possibility to have your Mass Flow devices  calibrated on actual gas like Methane, Ethane, Propene and Ethene.


• Gas flow calibrations are performed in accordance with the ISO 17025:2017 standard.
• Calibration reminders to ensure instruments are calibrated at proper interval.
• Technical support/application engineering provided by certified engineers.