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Orbital Welding Services

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TPF Control bv has the capability to manufacture your designed orbital weld asset.
The asset varies from single tube to tube welds to complete multiple branch manifolds. The basis for the asset is an Acad drawing, which, can be made up front by TPF Control.
The orbital welding process is a mechanized welding process carried out by a computer.  The welding head rotates 360 degrees around the weld. This controlled welding process eliminates faulty welds due to restricted access and freedom of movement caused by a welder.  The result is a high-purity quality weld, free of contamination and very consistent.  On request welding certificates are provided to have full traceability of your asset.
Why orbital welding ?

  • Avoid creating weak points in your asset (high pressure applications)
  • Clean welding process
  • No obstructions where residue can stack up
  • Very repeatable and accurate in terms of measurements

Many of the assets produced find their way into the semiconductor industry, however the application has  now expanded to the other industries like pharmaceutical and food processing as well. At TPF Control we have the technical knowledge and capabilities to create your asset.