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Customized solutions are required by the end user more and more frequently in today’s demanding industrial environment.
TPF Control has a wealth of experience in the area customized gas panel fabrication. At TPF, we routinely design and  manufacture custom panels based on specifications that range from the most basic to the most demanding.  If more advanced functionality is required, we also routinely provide solutions that employ control by software. TPF Control’s greatest asset is our extensive knowledge & experience. We leverage this experience by selecting the most suitable instruments on the market for any given application,  thereby maximizing the value of our solutions to end user. This approach maximizes revenue for the end user by  offering superior ease-of-installation and a low cost-of-ownership.
Key features of a solution provided by TPF Control include:

  • Low maintenance design
  • Compact setup to maximize space-efficiency
  • Use of flow, pressure or temperature instruments tailored to needs
  • PLC controlled systems
  • Optional FieldBus communication possible
  • Bus communication
  • Technical support/application engineering provided by certified professional engineers, including support for communication protocols
  • Manufacturing is performed in a clean-room environment
  • System installation and commissioning

In the design phase, TPF Control always incorporates the following key features into its solutions:

  • safety
  • compact design
  • the use of low maintenance/high reliability instruments
  • AutoCAD drawings included with documentation

Orbital welds may be optionally used instead of tube compression fittings; this option is especially relevant for the semi market.  Electrically or pneumatically actuated shut-off valves and pressure regulators are frequently used to control flows and pressures  throughout the system. The use of electrical pressure transducers allows pressures to be read directly on units which have a local display,  or via an interface with the control software for sensors without the local display.