Our temperature calibrations are ranging from -80 °C to 400 °C


Pressure calibrations in the range of 0 Bar abs to 10 Bar gauge


Gas Flow 0.5 ml(n)/min to 2500 m3(n)/h


10%rh – 95%rh
in range of
20 °C – 55 °C


Liquid flow calibrations up to a maximum flow rate of 1800 kg/h

Calibration service of TMF Meters and Controllers on Hydro-Carbons Calibration on process gas to avoid deviation At present, Mass flow controller calibration using  N2 and conversion factors is a fairly reliable method of simulating other gasses. In case of Hydro-carbons this does not quite apply. A straightforward comparison between N2 and actual calibrated instruments indicate a deviation in Mass Flow. This deviation is due to  changing physical characterization of the gas (CP value) and cooling down effects of the Thermal sensor.  The solution however for a reliable calibration is at hand.  We offer the possibility to have your Mass Flow devices  calibrated on actual gas like Methane, Ethane, Propene and Ethene.
• Gas flow calibrations are performed in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard.
• Calibration reminders to ensure instruments are calibrated at proper interval.
• Technical support/application engineering provided by certified engineers.

In our lab we can calibrate liquid flow Controllers and liquid flow meters.
As calibration medium you can choose between water en Iso-propanol depending on your process liquid.
The reference standards used are primary, meaning calibration takes place by comparison of flow vs weight. The weight is measured by use of weight balances traceable to national standards (Kg).
Minimum flow range is 4 grams per hour up to a maximum of 1800 kg per hour.

In many different industries pressure measurements are used to control processes.
This varies from absolute pressure gauges to smart pressure transmitters in the process industry.
Pressure calibrations in the range of 0 to 200 bar (0-10 bar under accreditation).

Calibration capabilities ranging from -80°C up to 400 °C under accreditation.
Standard calibration consists of 3 points.
In the TPF Control temperature calibration lab we are able to calibrate a wide array of temperature products.
This might be your PT-100, temperature probe or a reference standard used in your lab.


warranty statement

Complete service and calibration to manufacturer specifications for all models of Primary gas flow calibrators.

Full service and recalibration for all MPIII and MPRF family loggers.

Repair and recalibration for your air flow sampler models.

Calibration Protocol

On site service

“We are offer on site service

TPF Control B.V. offers on site service. The on site service can include, start-up assistance, product setup, programming as well as on site repair and calibration.

We provide a vast range of services by trained and certified technicians to solve or recommend changes to your process setup.

Key features of the on site service include:

  • Speed of initial response
  • Flexibility to conduct on-site service at the time and in the way customer prefers.
  • Time to successful completion of service
  • Quality of explanation and documentation of service
  • Satisfaction with loaner unit, if applicable

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